Discontinuation of Spark Pay Payment Gateway




Starting September 25, 2017, Spark Pay® credit and debit card payment processing via the Spark Pay Merchant Services Gateway will no longer be available for your online store. However, it will be business as usual for all other popular payment gateways. Be sure to change your processor by September 25th so that you can continue to accept payments.


1 . What are my options for Merchant Services/Gateways going forward? We support multiple payment gateways. For more information please visit the following article in our knowledge base: Supported Payment Gateways
2. When will my current processing service be turned off? September 25th, 2017
3. Will this change impact my current online store plan level? At this time, there is no impact on your plan level
4. What happens if I don’t switch my gateway? The processing service will be discontinued on September 25th, 2017 and you will be unable to process transactions using Spark Pay merchant services.
5. How will I issue refunds after you have turned this service off? Download Guide
6. How do I handle authorize only transactions? If you pre-authorize transactions and capture them at a later date, please ensure all transactions are captured prior to turning off the gateway.
7. How do I handle future chargebacks? Download Guide
For additional questions about payment gateways and setup, please review articles on this page:Supported Payment Gateways List


Finding a New Gateway/Payment Processor

Your Online Store is integrated with more than forty payment gateways. See: Supported Payment Gateways ListTo find the right one for your business, use your favorite search engine to compare payment gateways


Setting up a Payment Gateway

Once you've signed up with a new payment gateway, see: Setting Up a Payment Gateway


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