How to Go Live



Step 1: Verify You're Ready

Have you purchased a domain, setup a payments, and configured shipping settings? These are all things you should do before submitting a Go Live Request. For a complete checklist, see: New Store Setup, Testing and Go Live Checklist.


Step 2: Submit Go Live Form from Launch List

Once you've verified that you're ready to go live, submit a Go Live request from the Launch List at the top left of the Dashboard




Step 3: Obtain DNS Information & Point Domain

After a Go Live Request Form is submitted, an IT team member will email the account holder's email address with further instructions on taking the site live. The IP Address and other DNS information needed to point the domain will be provided. If a dedicated SSL has been purchased, the IT team will also assist in validating the domain and installing the certificate. 

If you get stuck along the way or have any issues with the go live process, please give our support department a call at 1800-936-9006 or submit support ticket. You can also email 



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    Brien Wilson

    You really need to automate your go live process like all the other shopping carts. It should not take days to go live.

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    Austin Smith


    We're definitely working towards automating the go live process. In the meantime, if you have any issues at all with going live, please give our support department a call at 1800-936-9006 (or submit a support ticket). We'll do whatever we can to ensure that process goes smoothly for you.

    SPOS Support