Reprocessing Credit Card Payments



When a credit card payment is declined or experiences an error, you may wish to attempt to recapture the payment. This can be done from the order edit screen in the admin. This article is a step by step guide on reprocessing payments from the order edit screen. 


Step 1: Open Order Edit Screen

Login to the admin dashboard and navigate to Orders > Orders and edit an order you wish to attempt to recapture a payment on. 



Step 2: Add new Payment or Capture Existing Payment

 Once on the Order Edit Screen, scroll down to the New Payment Information Section:

  1. This is where you can add a new payment to the order. Select the payment type. If payment type is Credit Card, enter the credit card information and the amount to be charged, 
  2. Then, click Add Payment. A new payment will be added to the order. 
  3. To attempt to re-capture an existing payment (if for example it is declined or has an error), scroll to the Payments section. Existing payments will be listed here. Under Actions, click the Cog Wheel icon, then click process to capture the funds:



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