Entering Store Information and Basic Settings




One of the first steps to setting up a new online store is entering the store's basic information. This is done in Settings > Store Information > Basic Information. Here, contact information such as email address, mailing address, and phone number are set. This article will walk you through entering this information as well as provide steps for configuring some other important store settings.


Entering Basic Information

To enter a store's basic information, first login in the admin dashboard, then navigate to Settings > Store Information > Basic Information

Once there, enter your store's information into each field. If you get stuck, click the help bubbles next to the field for more information: 



Setting Notification & Alert Email Addresses

Alert email addresses receive order notifications and all other store notification emails. By default, the email used to sign-up for the account will be added as an alert email address. Should you need to add to or edit the alert addresses, navigate to Settings > Store Information > Notifications/Alerts

  1. Click New to add a new email address
  2. Click the cursor icon to edit an existing address. 



Setting Active Countries

The Active Countries page is where shipping and billing address countries can be enabled or disabled. If you only sell to customers in specific countries, disable all other countries to make it easier for the customer to find their country in the address drop-downs. 

To edit which countries are active in your store, navigate to Settings > Store Information > Active Countries, once there:


  • Select which countries you would like to hide or show
  • Click More Actions > Hide to hide the selected countries
  • Click More Actions > Unhide Selected to show selected countries




Adding States & Provinces

If you sell products internationally, you may need to add a state or province for certain countries. This can be done in Settings > Store Information > States:

  • New States/Provinces can be added by clicking New
  • To edit one you've already created click the edit icon. To delete an existing state, click the trash can. 




Note: Pre-defined states and provinces can not be deleted or edited. 


Advanced Store Settings

The Advanced section of store information is home to various settings. Most notable is the Force HTTPS option. When Force HTTPS is enabled, all pages will be served encrypted and served over HTTPS. By default, only admin pages and pages with customer information are HTTPS pages.



For many sites, the Advanced Information Settings are optional.

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