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Most people think of eCommerce as a fundamentally business to customer (B2C) industry. The truth is, B2B eCommerce is massively lucrative. Spark Pay Online Stores are loaded with built-in business-to-business features. This article is an overview of those features. For detailed setup instructions, checkout the more information links under each section. 


Pricing Tools

Spark Pay's powerful pricing tools give B2B companies the control they need to manipulate product prices across customer types and stores:

Customer Type Pricing: Do you sell B2B and B2C and need to offer both retail and wholesale pricing? Spark Pay makes this possible with customer type pricing. Create as many customer types as you need and apply unique prices to each one.  (different levels of pricing – retail, wholesale level 1, wholesale level 2 etc).

Store level pricing - Manipulate prices at the store level using the Price Calculator or using a product's Advanced Pricing Matrix

Quantity pricing - Create quantity pricing based on nearly any quantity. 


Set-up Location(s): Settings > People > Customer Types | Catalog > Products > Edit Product > Prices | Settings > Catalog > Power Features > Price Calculators

More Information: Offering Tiered Pricing by Customer TypeConfiguring Prices for Wholesale | Customers Require Admin Approval Before Customer can Login and See Pricing | Advanced Product Pricing Matrix | Understanding Microstores


Quoting Tools

Spark Pay has built-in quoting functionality. This allows you to build out a quote for a business customer then send them a link to provisional checkout page (with all the information filled in) for review; allow or disallow the customer to edit the quote. Once approved, convert quotes to orders at the click of a button. 


More Information: Generating Quotes | Converting a Quote to an Order

Set-up Locations: Settings > Orders | Settings > Orders > Order Statuses


Quick Order / Re-Order Tools

Quick Re-Ordering: On Spark Pay Online Stores, customers can view a list of past orders and reorder them quickly. This makes ordering a snap for wholesale customers who frequently reorder the same products. 

Quick Order Widget: Add a quick order widget to almost any page and allow customers to build an order by simply adding item numbers. 

Customer Product Lists: Create a virtually unlimited amount of individualized product lists tailored to special customers. 


Set-up Location(s): Settings > Orders | Themes > Edit Theme > Pages > [Select a Page] > Widgets


Marketing Tools

Rewards / Loyalty program: If you service Retail and Wholesale customers, you can exclude wholesale customers from the Rewards program. If you service only Wholesale customers, you can create an effective rebates or rewards program for your wholesale clients. This helps build repeat business and loyalty

Customer type discounts & coupons: Some shopping cart and eCommerce platforms offer very limited discount systems that only allow users to create one type of discount, for example a simple coupon code. Spark Pay Online Stores feature a robust and flexible discount rule engine that gives store administrators the power to create discounts that fit nearly every possible scenario, including discounts based on B2B customer types. 

Free options based on customer type: Spark Pay's Custom Shipping Methods are a powerful feature that allow you to create your own shipping options that calculate shipping charges based on rules you set. Custom shipping methods can calculate based on order subtotal, number of order items, weight units, shipping region, customer type, shipping warehouse, and other criteria.


Set-up Location(s): Settings > Marketing > Rewards | Marketing > Discounts

More Information: Rewards Points | Customer Types OverviewDiscount Method System Overview | Custom Shipping Methods


Security Tools

Spark Pay has a host of Security Tools for restricting access to wholesale stores, pricing, and catalogs: 

  • Require Registration to Browse Site
  • Require Registration to Browse Catalog
  • Require Login to Begin Checkout
  • Require Login to View Cart
  • Require Registration on One Page Checkout
  • Require Login for Pricing
  • Require Login for Pricing Action - Setting to hide pricing completely or display message to login for pricing
  • Require Global Store Password
  • Restrict Login to Assigned Site (used when running multiple stores)
  • Redirect Customer to Assigned Store - used when catalog display is controlled using microstores and on login you want to redirect customers to their specific customer type catalog in a microstore. 


Set-up Location(s): Settings > Security | Settings > People

More Information: Require Admin Approval Before Customer can Login and See Pricing


Catalog Tools

Catalog Restriction: display completely different catalogs based on customers. Different wholesale levels or distributor groups can all have unique catalogs; products can be unique to a microstore or shared between microstores.

Multistore Admin: Run multiple stores from a single admin console. Use Multiple stores to segment retail and wholesale sites if complete control over design and settings is needed. 



Set-up Location(s): Settings > Catalog > Active Catalog | Settings > Catalog > Microstores | Catalog > Categories

More Information: Understanding Microstores | Create a Micro Store / Changing Micro Store Settings | Microstore vs Multistore | Active Catalog | Setting up Categories for Multiple Storefronts


Payment Tools

Custom Payment Methods Specific to Customers: Allow your approved wholesale customers to pay via checks, Purchase Orders, etc.

Payment & Credit Management Integrations: Spark Pay is integrated with Apruve B2B Credit Management and Affirm Split Pay -- these integrations offer customers flexible payment options.

Mark Individual customers Tax Exempt


Set-up Location(s): Settings > Payments & Taxes | Tools > Apps and Addons

More Information: Setting up Automated B2B Credit Management Using Apruve | Affirm Split Pay Integration | Order Statements and Partial Payments | How do I setup Customer Specific Payment Methods? | Creating Custom Payment Methods


Company Associations for Customers

Company Associations give the customer the option to act and order as a single person, or as a whole group. With specific association to a company they are a part of, they can make orders for each company.


Set-up Location(s): Customers > Edit Customer > Marketing

More Information: Company Associations


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