Other Active Session Session Notification




The other active session notification is a security feature in Spark Pay. It notifies users their user account has a separate successful login. The purpose is to notify the user in case the login was made by someone not authorized to use the user account. 



What to do

The first step is to click "Click here to manage those active sessions." This will open the Manage User Sessions Screen


On the Manage User Sessions screen, you can:

  1. Click the magnifying glass to view more information about a session
  2. Click End Session to immediately end the login session. Anyone using that session will be forced to log back in. 

Once on the Manage User Sessions screen, your next step to to determine if the IP address listed on the session is an IP address authorized to use the account. 

The Other Session Notification occurs anytime a new session is created using the same user account. Many times this is caused by normal account activity like logging in on another device, logging in a different browser, or logging in using a private browser window; however, it is important to monitor the notifications for any suspicious activity. 

If you determine that an IP address is not associated with one of your devices and/or not authorized to login to the account, it is recommend that you quickly end the session and change your user account password. 


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