Quick Order Widget




The Quick Order Widget allows customers to quickly add items to the cart by entering item numbers and quantities into a grid. This article is a step-by-step walk-through to adding a Quick Order Widget to a content page. 


Step 1: Add Widget

Navigate to Themes > Edit Theme > Pages > Content Page (Base) > Widgets and click Add Widget. 

On the Add Theme Widget screen, click Add under Quick Order Entry. A QUICKORDERENTRY widget will be added to the page. 


Step 2: Configure Widget Settings

Click the edit icon next to the QUICKORDERENTRY widget to configure its settings: 



Configure the number of fields to display: 




Then, Enable Merge Code




Note: Keep this merge code handy for Step 3. 


Step 3: Copy & Paste Merge Code

With your merge code from Step 2 Handy, navigate to Content > Pages, and edit the desired Content Page. Once on the Edit Page screen: 

  1. Switch Page Content editor to Text Mode
  2. Paste in QUICKORDERENTRY merge code
  3. Save




Using the Quick Order Widget

Once the widget is added to a page, it is easy to use: just add item numbers in the left column and the corresponding quantities to the right column: 




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