Spark Pay online stores Support Policy


Spark Pay offers basic tech support to current Americart and Spark Pay online customers.

We advise all prospective customers and clients to become familiar with our support policy.

Our Support department is available to troubleshoot issues and assist with anything regarding the following. If you'd like to give feedback or request functionality, the quickest way is to send us a suggestion at . Higher levels of staff view this, and we try to add in requests whenever possible.

This is a user driven system our developers use when adding and making changes to Spark Pay online stores . We'd love to hear your ideas so let us know what you'd like to see!


Free Tech Support Includes:

  • Making sure your online store is available 24/7
  • Providing answers and resources regarding technical issues related to web hosting. Issues such as email, domain names, DNS servers, and SSL questions.
  • Entering and checking the status of Support Tickets
  • Investigating bug reports and escalating software defects to the development team
  • Helping with issues regarding Americart and Spark Pay online stores.

Tech Support Does Not Include:

    • Troubleshooting and altering, editing, or fixing HTML/CSS or any other custom work done. We have trained tech support agents with expanded knowledge of our software. Any template customizations are not supported by the Spark pay online stores support department. If you need to know more about widgets and theme customization, our knowledge base contains many articles on theme & site design.  (See below)
    • Support covers any issues on a fresh theme install if something is not working as intended. We do not provide free training or support on utilizing and creating a design using custom CSS/HTML/Javascript. If there is a problem we will help solve it. Design and creating new features out of the box is not in the scope of general tech support. We have many themes that you can use that do not require HTML or custom coding. However, A strong knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to be able to implement custom design. We have a team of agency services who builds sites and stores for our customers, but it is a paid service.  If you do not know how to use custom coding or design, you will want to find others who can assist with this. You can also let our design team help!

If you need help with theme modification, Spark Pay online stores can do this at an hourly rate with paid training or purchased design implementation. For more information, check the links below to get the process started.    

 More Useful Help:

  Help Articles on Theme & Site Design
Tips and Tricks With CSS on
Tips and Tricks with HTML on


  • Advanced one-on-one phone or email-based training or walk-throughs.

    For fairness and courtesy for all of our customers, we try to give everyone the same treatment and support with a ticketing based system to get quicker answers in a more efficient manner. If it is something that requires more extensive testing and researching to find an issue, or if it is a very long walk-through that requires one on one training or help with other departments, a support ticket will need to be made. We do provide training with our advanced options and offer free knowledge base articles and video walkthroughs on basic set ups as well as in-admin help by clicking the blue (?) icon next to each option. 

  • Accounting Issues - Your account, payments and other issues regarding billing will need to be taken care of in the accounting department as support does not have access to this data. We are a separate department and cannot assist with this.
  • Extensive support for third party apps, software, and add-ons and/or user accounts outside of your Spark Pay online store. This includes third party software we do not integrate with. We are not able to provide any knowledge or support for any third party gateways, merchant services or third party software we do not integrate with. We are unable to provide any "How To's" help and tutorials or modify or provide support on the use of any third party company outside of any documentation we've been provided by the companies we do integrate with. Search engines on the web can help more with any questions you have, or visit the website of and/or contact the company in question to get faster service. 

    Need help with a third party application? Check out our Guide To Third Party Apps & Add Ons. You'll find more information on each one we integrate with, as well as contact info and forums to chat with other users to get the answer you need faster. 
  • Creating or editing any content or settings in the client's admin console. For a feature that is not offered in the admin console, it will need to be checked to see if we can custom develop it for you for a fee. Our tech support agents are not able to make changes or add/remove features from your Spark Pay online store admin. Also, all of your passwords, customer passwords and credit card numbers as well as CVV's are truncated so we cannot see this. If you need to know more info, you can always View The Audit History of your console at any time.

  • Changing or Creating Features On Spark Pay online storesOur tech support agents are not in control of how the platform functions and why it functions in a particular way, etc. and there are steps in place with our policy of how to add or alter features of your administration console and how the platform runs for your store. Our agents don't make the software, but there is a place for you if you have feedback you'd like to give. If you are not satisfied with what you see and want to see more or have any general feedback and ideas, send it here:  send us a suggestion at vote.americommerce.comOur agents are here to help and answer questions and teach you how to use the platform as it stands, not add or remove anything. For any customizations of something that is added to the admin console that is not currently in place or in the works for the future, this will require custom development which is for a fee. See more info below. If you want to be up-to-date with fixes and features as they come, check out our Release History Blog.
  • Importing, Exporting, or Transferring of your store's orders or data. If you have questions on this, check out all of our articles on importing/exporting data.
  • API Support or Assistance. This assistance will have to be purchased as it is outside the scope of support and is considered Advanced Support.


What Advanced Support Options Are Available?

For the following options, you will need to speak to sales for a quote as these fall under the category of billable services for they require specific hours set aside for an hourly rate. Our support agents are not able to help you with the following:

  • Training and In-Depth Walkthroughs 
  • Web Design 
  • Custom Development 
  • Site Implementation and Theme Modification
  • Data Restoration
  • API Support or Assistance

See a list of setup services here.


Note: Theme modification involves any change to the default values in the HTML or CSS of any theme or widget. Support can direct you to the correct page to make changes or to reset the widget, page HTML or CSS to its default value. This will undo any customization that may be in place. Before you create or modify a theme using HTML and CSS it is suggested to have a backup handy.

While theme modification is outside what support is allowed to assist with, if you need assistance with making modification to the theme, our implementation department is available to make these modification at an hour rate. If the service is ever needed please let us know and we will get that process started for you. Or check out our new Theme Store to find a theme that suits your needs.

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  • Avatar
    Victoria Sylvestre

    This doesn't make the tech sound as good as it really is!!!

    The tech guys (and gals) are super helpful and I've found them to be invaluable. Sure, I'm paying for some training on the side, but your techies actually know and understand what they are doing and often go above and beyond the call of duty.

    I just want to make sure that everyone knows the  tech support is awesome, people who are thinking of migrating here. 

  • Avatar
    Justin McCullough



    Thanks for the kind words.We're happy to help and always trying to improve the experience. You're a swell customer too! : - )