What is DevShare and how can it help me?


DevShare Program Explanation

DevShare is a program created for our customers. The purpose is to help key changes get implemented in the software. Typically a customer has a feature in mind that would help their business, sales, or customer experience but is not currently in Spark Pays' feature set. The customer will naturally ask for these features to be added into the software. We put these on a feature request list that is worked down between releases.

DevShare's Benefits

  • Spark Pay will pay for 50% of the cost immediately since it is a feature our other customers can enjoy
  • Spark Pay online stores will then offer the feature to the companies interested in seeing it done. This way, everyone splits the development costs.
    • This can save you another 25-75% of the development cost.
  • The feature goes immediately to development and is released as soon as it is completed

How to Participate

Fill out a feature request ticket in our Help Ticketing console, one feature per ticket.  We will assign you and all the others requesting this feature to a group. This group will be asked each time a new entry is submitted to share in the development.  Participation and the amount you want to put towards that feature is an OPTIONAL choice.  We ask the members for that feature and when the feature can be paid for the development will begin.  Spark Pay online stores will pay for 50% immediately. The other 50% splits in any way between the members of the group.

Send in your feature requests and take part in DevShare to see the features you need get implemented.  Many of the features our customers need will eventually be included, especially those with mass benefits to all our customer base.  We listen to customers and document every request. DevShare is just a way to get them done quicker so they can be used immediately.

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