How to point a domain or site to Spark Pay online stores?



When your store is first delivered the URL is set to the domain You can run your store on this domain or another domain (i.e. We call the process of directing traffic from a domain or sub-domain to your site the Go Live process. It is the last step after you have completed all other preparations. If you don't already have a domain name, you can submit a request to Spark Pay to check name availability. If available, you can pay to reserve the domain name or use a domain registrar to reserve a domain name. Let us know in your Go Live support request if you already have a domain/sub-domain to use as the store domain.

Domain Email:

Spark Pay online stores have several email fields in the admin console. These sections allow you to input your email address for various automated emails. However, we do not host domain email services.  Most domain registrars offer an option to add email service to your domain.  If you already have domain email services and decide to have Spark Pay manage domain routing, let us know in the Go Live request. Make sure you already have domain email and provide us with the routing information for your email services. This way we can setup the domain to route email to your email service provider.

SSL Security:

SSL Certificates serve three primary functions:

1. Secures private information between the web servers and the customers as they browse the site by using encryption.

2. Secures the administration console so sensitive data cannot be intercepted.

3. Provide a logo on the site that shows your customers that you protect their data. Some certificate logos go as far as to display that you are a legitimate company.

What are my SSL options?

Free Shared SSL

When your Spark Pay online store is first delivered, the stores' secure domain is set to the Spark Pay domain This uses the Spark Pay online stores shared SSL certificate. This is a free service we offer to make sure your site is secure from the beginning. When a customer visits a secure link, they will be transferred to "".  There is no SSL logo with this method. There is nothing extra that you need to do to configure this option, we maintain the SSL.

Purchase a dedicated SSL certificate

If you have your own SSL certificate, customers stay on your domain name the entire time they visit the site. This allows you to display an SSL logo. Some SSL certificates come with a static logo. Others display your company name. Some are interactive, when clicked they display information directly from the certificate authority. Most certificates also come with fraud insurance. Choose a certificate and place your order. A support ticket is created at time of purchase and this task ticket also serves as your Go Live request. In the ticket we will guide you thru the Go Live process as well as install the certificate on your site.

Provide your own dedicated SSL certificate

Have your own SSL Certificate and want to have it applied to your Spark Pay online store? Choose the 3rd party SSL Certificate Installation service. A support ticket is created at time of purchase and this task ticket also serves as your Go Live request. In the ticket we will guide you thru the Go Live process as well as install the certificate on your site.

Go Live:

When you are ready to begin directing traffic to your site, submit a support ticket with your request. This will drop and replace it with your domain. Please do not change your DNS until our team has instructed you to, doing so will only delay your Go Live. This is because certain domain DNS settings such as 301 redirects cause issue. Please do not 301 redirect traffic from you domain to your trial site. If you're reading this and have done just that it needs to be removed before the Go Live task. If you already have a live site, traffic will redirect away from the current host to Spark Pay online stores. This happens unless you plan on setting the Spark Pay online store as a sub-domain value on your existing domain.  The domain DNS task is preferred to be done over the phone along with a member of our IT team. This ensures the changes made to your site are quickly followed by your change to the domain DNS.  Otherwise our team will provide you with instruction on how to direct web traffic from your domain to your store in the Go Live support request.

Submit your Go Live Request:

Having read the previous section you may still have some questions or concerns.  Submit your Go Live Request or call to speak with our Systems Operations Team at 800-936-9006 option 3.

Depending on if you have a multistore, what kind of SSL you are using, if you need any other provisions accomplished, etc.. can determine how long it will take for your Go Live process to be complete. 

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    Noel Sufrin

    Grammar police:
    Last paragraph missing a word. Probably the word "you"

    "Please read the section 'Domains/Domain Email/SSL Security/Go Live' as (you) may have other considerations besides domain names to address before taking your site live, you may be ready, either way we are here to help you!"

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    Nick Brown

    It is quite inconvenient that we (the users and owners of the actual Domains) cannot edit any of these settings. Once SparkPay takes over the hosting of the DNS, we are reliant upon you making necessary changes to our settings. While you are the host, we should be able to access the settings and make updates/changes as needed.