Exporting Data


Data Export Walkthrough

Spark Pay online stores give you the ability to export data. You can export many different items, ranging from customers to orders to products. The steps for exporting are similar to the import process.  Like the import tools, export options are available under Tools > Data Export.

Because the exporting process for each area is similar, we use the Order Export in this KB.  

Setting Order Criteria

When you click Order Export you should be taken to the Criteria for Export page.  Several criteria can be set here.  The options listed are as follows:

  • Store - (if applicable) select the site from which you would like to export information. You can set it to [All] to view orders from all stores.
  • Email after Completion - sends an email with the download file to the email address specified.
  • Category- Select which category (or leave blank for root/ALL) you want to export the data for.
  • Column Mapping – You can specify which field to wish to include in the export

After you have set the criteria, click the Export button to proceed to the next page.  You can download your entire order history by leaving all criteria fields blank.  This will bring up the Output Format page.

Setting up the Output File

After clicking the new or edit icons, the following popup will display. You can alter or set up the column mapping here.

After making the needed changes, you need to scroll to the bottom of this window and click Save

There are three columns in this page, and they are explained as follows:

  • AmeriCommerce Column asks if you want to export this field.  By default, all fields are exported in Spark Pay online stores. The column is the name we use for the field.
  • Destination Column should be the name you desire for the field

Like column mapping during a data import, this step allows you to change any column to a different name.  If you have your own tables for importing and exporting data, it is important to pair each column of information.  You may want to use our format, but choosing your own is not a hassle.  Once you have mapped the columns the first time, you can save the configuration at the bottom.  The next time you export this file, the settings will be available for selection.

Exporting the Final File 

The final step simply involves clicking on “Export” button, and saving the file to a location on your computer.  After exporting your data, you have the flexibility to use it for a variety of purposes. 

  • You can integrate customer data into your accounting system. 
  • Order lists can be exported into an order management program or shipping system. 
  • You can feed your catalog into product management software.
  • You can update files and import them back into your Spark Pay online store.


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    Is there anyway to customize the order that these columns are sorted? For instance, what if I wanted 'CustomerEmail' in the first Column followed by 'OrderID'?

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    Angela Stelly

    @Kevin, I'd like to know the same thing. Was there ever a response?