Spark Pay online store Browser Policy


Spark Pay strives to bring the latest features available to customers through the use of emerging web technologies and modern browser abilities. Because of this, it is necessary to define a proper browser policy.

We support all 4 of the major browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Safari 

In IE, we support the latest 3 versions of each on a rolling basis. For all other browsers, we support the latest versions as they become available. This means that as a new version releases, support for the 4th oldest version will cease after a 3 month lapse. This allows us time to confirm that the new version is compatible with our software and features.

This adoption allows Spark Pay online to continue working toward new features that are not possible with out-dated browsers. Furthermore, we can reduce the time it takes our developers to create these new features by not forcing older browsers to use a technique or technology it was not designed for.

Note that basic functionality is still available to all users. For example, the fundamental abilities of the cart such as adding items to your cart and checking out will be maintained across all browsers and can be utilized by all users.

We encourage all users to update to the latest version available for your preferred browser to ensure maximum compatibility. Below is a list of our currently supported browsers.

Internet Explorer 11,10,9
Latest (Mac Only)

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