Creating a Coupon Code Discount



This article is a step by step guide to creating a discount that gives 10% off when a coupon code is entered. Feel free to change the amount off and any other settings to fit your needs. For a more detailed overview of the discount method system, see: Discount Method System Overview.


Step 1: Create the Discount

To get started, navigate to Marketing > Discounts, and Click New. Give the discount a name and then click Save to access the discount actions and method rules:


After clicking Save, Discount Actions will be available below.


Step 2: Create the Discount Action

On the Edit Discount Method screen, Click New Action in the Discount Actions section:


On the Edit Discount Action Screen, check Action is Active, and set the action to read "Subtract 10 percent from total", then click Save:



Once you save the action, you will be taken back to the Edit Discount Method Screen.


Step 3: Create the Discount Method Rule


For this step, make sure that you are on the Edit Discount Screen before you click New Rule -- this will ensure that a method rule is created, instead of an action rule. Coupon codes will only work as a method rule.



On the Edit Discount Rule Screen, Set Rule Type to coupon code, choose an operator, and input the coupon code into the target field then click Save:


After saving the method rule, save the discount method one more time, and you are finished. Be sure to set the method and action(s) to active once you are ready to make the discount available to your customers.

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