HOWTO: Use Custom URLs


Custom URL and Mod Rewrites

A custom url can be provided and it will be used in all lists where this item shows up.  So on product pages, category pages, manufacturer pages and content pages you can just specify your URL that you want and Spark Pay online stores will render the page to that custom URL destination.  It's that simple.  You want a page to have keywords in its URL, just type them out.


For a product, you can force the URL to be and it will use this url in all search results, category lists, snapins and more. We automatically generate custom URL's using the format set in Settings > Search Engine for all types of pages. You can adjust the format by editing the Page URL Format setting for each page type.

  • Search engine optimization, highly targeted keyword dense urls help tremendously
  • Simple readable URLs that can be remembered
  • Rolling over old sites, this will let you keep your old paths the same on the new site (also see URL redirects for this)


Just enter /yourname.htm and it will use that path, don't forget the "/".  You can also add folders or make the url whatever you want it to be. "/folder1/folder2/name.php".  Notice you can use other supported extensions...php, aspx, asp, etc.  


  • Keep your urls short and concise with keywords to the product, this is the best option for search engine optimization.
  • Characters such as "?" and "&" are not allowed.


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