Setup ShareASale Tracking Code


ShareASale is a third-party affiliate tracking program.

When setting up your ShareASale account, you will be given a specific tracking code.  To get your specific tracking code, you can go to:

This tracking code is located at the bottom of that page:

where XXXXX is your ShareASale merchant ID.

To integrate this code with Spark Pay, go to Settings > Orders > General in the Admin Console.

Here you will see a section named  Place Order Script. This is where any code that's supposed to go on your "thank you page" to track successful orders will be placed.

Copy and paste the code from ShareASale into the Place Order Script field. You will notice merge codes replacing the placeholders from ShareASale, such as AMOUNTOFSALE.

You will need to do this for each placeholder field in the ShareASale script. This way Spark Pay can fill in the information from your orders automatically.

Here is a simple script with merge codes, where all you need to send is the order amount and number:

<img src=" width="1" height="1">

Where XXXXX is your merchant id.  This scenario covers most of the basic uses of the ShareASale affiliate tracking program.

A more advanced scenario where you have product specific commissions to track would look like this:

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

In this script, we are sending the item numbers as a comma separated field in the skulist parameter. The price lists as a comma separated field in the pricelist parameter. Finally, the quantity list as a comma separated field in the quantitylist parameter.  This will tell ShareASale the purchased products on the order, as well as the prices and quantities of each.  To use this type of script, you will need to upload a product list to ShareASale.

Both of the above scripts covered the Per-Sale affiliate type in which affliates are rewarded for actual generated sales.  Another approach is the Lead approach, in which affiliates can earn commission from generating leads. 

A script for that scenario might look like this:

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

Note: In Lead based scripts, ShareASale still requires the amount parameter even though it is always set to 0 in this case.

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    Brad Crowell

    The example links after "would look like this:" are not wrapping the link, so you can't just copy and paste it, to plug your own ID# in...

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    Brad Crowell

    Also, "TYPEOFTRANSACTION" seems to be replaced by "sale" in the example, but it's not a merge code... should it be?