Campaign AdCodes


What is an AdCode?

An AdCode is a reference to a specific advertisement, usually a keyword or email campaign.  It shows where visitors, customers, and orders originate. Spark Pay online stores uses AdCodes to track statistics on your advertising campaigns.  Campaign AdCodes can be set up under Marketing >  Ad Codes.

How to create AdCodes

You need to create a unique identifier to name the campaign or referring source.  In our example, EMNP12007 represents email/new product/December 2007.  Add the code to your Campaign AdCode box and optionally select the Affiliate for this code from the drop-down box.  If you do not have an affiliate supporting this campaign, leave the affiliate blank.


When you link an AdCode with an affiliate, the Affiliate Campaign Report tracks the affiliate performance.  This information displays graphically through our affiliate analysis on your Affiliate Console Dashboard.

This detailed analysis lets you see which of your AdCodes are most effective. This saves you the money and time!

Creating & Setting AdCodes through a URL

To set an AdCode on a session for tracking purposes, append a=YourAdCodeHere to the querystring of the URL.  If the AdCode does not exist, it creates automatically.  If the AdCode exists and belongs to an Affiliate, the affiliate's commissions and tracking apply to the visitor. 

 For Example:

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