Setting up Mineful


Mineful is a third-party integration.

Mineful maintains the integration for their application to pull Spark Pay online store Customer data.  Please consult Mineful on using their App. This Article references the original post here

Step 1: In the Spark Pay online stores Admin edit or add a User.


Log in to your Spark Pay online store admin account and go to People > Users.  Click on the User Group name from the "membership" column.


Make sure is that the user is part of a group that has API permission. You can check by clicking the Membership link for the user you want to use. There make sure that the group has API access. Here's how the group permissions look: 


Step 2: Login to Mineful and add a new Spark Pay online stores data source.


Now log into Mineful and go to Customer Data and select Add New Data Source from the top table. If you don't have any data source you will see a link to add one from the home page as well. Select Spark Pay online stores and click Continue. 

Now enter the URL for your store. Enter the username and password for the user you created or edited in Step #1. Click Save and you are done!! Your data will start downloading right away.

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