Marketing Reports




Understanding your marketing figures is a crucial part of any business. This articles scope is to give a basic understanding of the information available for each section of the Marketing Dashboard.

To get started, lets’ navigate to the marketing area of your console Reports > Marketing Dashboard as we progress through this article.

Note: Reports are not up to the second. Totals are updated daily at 12:00 AM CST.


Marketing Dashboard

This page provides a quick look summary of various marketing statistics for your store. The default view is for the past 30 days, but you can filter to a specific date range or a specific store. You can get a more detailed summary of specific marketing data points by using the reports in the menu on the left.


Organic Search Summary

This report provides information about the various organic traffic to your site. Organic traffic is traffic that you do not pay for explicitly, meaning it is not PPC or Adwords traffic. This can be from search engines or from links from other websites. Each order is tracked and gives you an idea of the number of orders and dollar amount that each organic source gives to your store.


Adcode Summary

This report provides information about sales performance for Adcodes configured for your system. You can track total sales, visits and conversion rates to see the effectiveness of each Adcode.


PPC vs Organic

 This report allows you to compare the sales performance of organic traffic vs Pay-Per-Click traffic. You can see if your PPC campaigns are effective at producing a valuable return on investment. It also allows you to see which organic sources benefit from increased PPC marketing.


PPC Summary

This report gives you a breakdown of your PPC performance, broken down by source and keywords. The sources view tells you the performance of each different PPC source with sales and conversion rates to help you determine your ROI.  The keywords view tells you which specific search phrases are your top performers. This helps you tailor your PPC to draw in the most customers and sales.


PPC Click Fraud

This report allows detecting and analyzing potential PPC fraud. Visitors with a high numbers of clicks are likely bots attempting to drive up revenue for the source of the PPC dollars you are investing. If you feel that you are experiencing fraudulent clicks, you can blacklist a particular visitor.


Coupon Code Usage

This report allows you to see which coupon codes used and the orders on which they have applied to. This allows you to see which promotional codes are the most effective in driving sales. This helps you to target your coupon discounts to maximize traffic and sales.

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