Creating and Editing Users & User Groups



Spark Pay Online Stores supports powerful user roles and groups which allows only users with permssion to do certain things

For help logging in, see: How to Log In.


Step 1: Create a User Group

To create a new (or edit an existing) user group, navigate to Settings > Security > User Roles/Groups. Click Edit next to an existing to edit it; click New to create a new User Group



On the User Group Permissions page, there are three settings: 

  1. Name: This can be anything (Some examples: Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Web Developer).
  2. Landing Page Path: This is the page the user is taken to after logging in (Example: /store/admin/orders/orderlist.aspx). This setting is optional.
  3. Permissions Grid: This is where permissions can be set for the User Group. Don't want a user to be able to delete anything in the admin? Remove the delete permission from every row on their user group. 



Set the above settings as desired, then click Save.

Security Tip: Only give user groups the minimum necessary permissions to perform their job function.


Step 2: Create a User

To create a new (or edit an existing) user, navigate to Settings > Security > Users. Click Edit to edit and existing user; Click New to create a new user: 



On the Edit User screen, there are two setting required before saving: 

  1. Name: the user's username used to login
  2. Email: this address will be used for password resets. 



However, also be sure to assign the user to a User Group in the Member of section of the Edit User screen (or they won't have any permissions to do anything!): 



Forcing New Users to Reset Password

When creating a new user, it is best practice to assign them a temporary password, then force them to reset their password upon logging in. To do so, edit the user account, then type a password into the password fields on the Edit User screen. Once the password is entered, scroll down to the Security Info section and:

  1. Check Force Password Reset
  2. Click Save



The user will now be forced to reset their password once they login for the first time. 

For information on password requirements, see: User Account Password Requirements.



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