Order Fulfillment with Efulfillment Service Integration


Spark Pay online storeintegrates with eFulfillment Service.


  eFulfillment Service provides affordable order fulfillment services for Spark Pay online storesellers.

As a leading order fulfillment provider, eFulfillment Service (EFS) offers dependable warehousing and fulfillment services for Spark Pay online storesellers of all sizes.

Spark Pay online storesellers will gain access to the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel, our easy-to-use, web-based software that will integrate seamlessly with your Spark Pay online storestore. Integration is free, and your orders will flow automatically into our FCP system, saving you time and headaches while keeping you continuously up-to-date on your orders and inventory levels.

Here are a few of the reasons why so many online sellers choose eFulfillment Service:

  • No setup fees
  • No tricky or hidden fees
  • No minimum order volume requirements
  • No long-term contracts
  • Established industry leader
  • Award-winning service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

How to setup the integration.


Our Spark Pay online storeintegration works by connecting to your shopping cart at scheduled intervals to perform tasks related to orders and inventory.

Fulfilling New Orders

Each time we connect to Spark Pay online storeto retrieve new orders we are requesting only orders that match a certain status ID number. Orders matching your chosen status ID are retrieved by our integration module which attempts to inject each order into your Fulfillment Control Panel account for processing.

Retrieved Order Status (optional)

We can update your Spark Pay online storeorders to reflect a new status when they are successfully received by your Fulfillment Control Panel account.

Warehouse Filter (optional)

If you have dropshipped items and / or have more than one warehouse configured in Spark Pay online storeyou can set a specific warehouse ID which will cause the integration to skip any orders or items which do not match that ID.

Tracking Updates to Spark Pay online store(optional)

At the end of each day our integration module will send tracking numbers back to the Spark Pay online store, for orders shipped that day, and update each order to the “shipped” status of your choice.

Inventory Syncing & Product Status (optional)

Our integration module can update the stock counts of your Spark Pay online storeproducts with the available warehouse quantity. Optionally, we can update the product status to reflect an “in stock” or “backorder” status of your choice.
Please Note: Product SKUs in Spark Pay online storemust match the product SKUs available in your Fulfillment Control Panel account.

Connecting EFS & Spark Pay online store

To allow access to your order and product data you must sign up for Spark Pay online store paid API subscription and obtain the following:

  • API Access Security Token
  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Web Service URL (this will be something like https://store.mysparkpay.com/store/ws/AmeriCommerceDb.asmx)

Once you have obtained your API credentials you will need to enter them into your Fulfillment Control Panel account. Choose Add Integration from the Integration menu. 

Select Spark Pay online storefrom the list of available platforms and click the “Add new Integration” button. Your Store Domain, API Username, API Password, and Security Token should be
copied and pasted into your settings (see below).


The next set of options determine the statuses used when interacting with Spark Pay online stores. These are ID numbers you need to retrieve from your Spark Pay online storeadministration area.


For the Ready to Fulfill and Retrieved statuses choose “Order Statuses” from the “Orders” menu in the Spark Pay online store. You should see a list of all your current statuses. The ID number for each status is displayed next to each status title.


For the Backorder and In Stock status ID numbers you will need to choose “Product Statuses” from the “Catalog” menu of the Spark Pay online store. Product status ID numbers will be displayed just like order status ID numbers.


If we should only fulfill orders for a specific warehouse, you will need to assign a status ID for that warehouse. To view your warehouse ID numbers choose “Dropshippers/Warehouses” from the “Orders” menu of the Spark Pay online store. ID numbers are not listed next to warehouse titles so you will need to click the Edit button under Actions when viewing your list of warehouses, then get the ID from the URL of your browser.


The next set of options determine the intervals at which we check for new orders and, optionally, send available inventory counts back to the Spark Pay online store.
The most common scenario is to check for new orders every 30 minutes and sync inventory twice per day.
If you have more than one Spark Pay online storestore you may assign a “nickname” to each store to better identify options and settings for each one.

Click the “Add new Integration” button to finalize the integration settings. You should see a success message at the top of your screen.
To verify that we can connect to your Spark Pay online storestore choose View Integrations from the Integration menu. For each integration you have configured you will see a set of options displayed as colored icons. Click the “suitcase” icon to view the items in your Spark Pay online storeaccount.

You should see a searchable list of products from your Spark Pay online storestore. The list will indicate if the product SKU matches a SKU in our system.
If you do not see a list of products and, instead, see an error message it is likely that your API Password, API Token, API Username, or Web Service URL have been incorrectly entered in the Fulfillment Control Panel integration settings.

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