Abandoned Carts


This feature allows you to view carts that are currently open - meaning they contain items that have yet to be purchased. This gives you the capability to view what's being viewed by your customers and added to their cart even if they did not check out.

Note: You can use this information to analyze why customers are not ordering these carts and work to assisting your customers in completing their orders. If a customer has an issue checking out, it is a general first step in troubleshooting to check out their session


Locate Your Abandoned Carts

Navigate to Reports > Sales > Abandoned Carts

From here you can view sessions based off of Store, Last Visit, Total Items, Total Amount in Dollars, Ship Weight,

Source, as well Name, Email and Phone if they are a registered customer.

To View a session in question, click "View Session."


Viewing A Visitor Session

Use this page to view the detailed information of a specific session. You can view the cart for the session (if applicable), see referrer information and track complete page view history for the session, see the specific customer and admin user account associated with a session, and more.

Configuring Abandoned Cart Settings

You can also configure settings for your Abandoned Cart emails that get sent out by going to Settings > Marketing > General.

You will need to enable the "Send Abandoned Cart Emails" to send your customers notifications that they have abandoned carts.

This determines whether or not emails will be automatically sent to customers who have abandoned carts. This can help to convert sales that would have otherwise been lost.
Log must be checked on the email template for abandoned carts. The system checks the customer logs (emails) to determine how many have been sent.


Select the Email Template you wish to use for the Abandoned Cart Email to be sent.

Click to  Edit your Templates or Navigate to Marketing > Email Templates to create a new template.

(For more info on creating Email Templates click here.)


Abandoned Cart Email Frequency


This means the time, in hours, that should be waited before sending the next abandoned cart email.
The first message is sent immediately when the cart times out and is officially abandoned, and the next message will be sent at the interval specified in this setting.

This must be set to a number greater than 0 for the emails to send, even if the number to send is set at 1.


Abandoned Cart Email Number to Send


This means the number of emails to send to a customer who has abandoned a cart. This will be done automatically at the interval specified in the "Abandoned Cart Email Frequency" setting.

The system checks the customer logs (emails) to determine how many have been sent.


There is no default "Abandoned Cart" email template but you can create a new template by going to Marketing > Email Template > click the green "New" button in the top right corner.

Below is a generic email template if you'd like to use/modify it:

Dear ##CUSTOMERFIRSTNAME##, We noticed that you had the following items in your cart that were never purchased:

Here is a link back to you cart: ##DOMAINNAME####CARTLINK##

We look forward to helping you fulfill your purchase. If you have questions, please call ##STOREPHONE## or visit us at ##DOMAINNAME##. Best Regards, ##DOMAINNAME## ##STOREPHONE##


You can also attach the merges below to the "Alert Email Header":

  • ##CARTITEMS## - A list of items in a customer's cart in text format.
  • ##CARTITEMSHTML## - HTML version



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  • Avatar
    Nathan Haack

    So there is a way for the customer to opt-out of future emails for the "in stock notifications" being:
    "##STOREURL##/remove.aspx?email=##NOTIFICATIONEMAIL##&nid=##NOTIFICATIONID## "

    Is there something similar that we can put on these abandoned cart emails?

  • Avatar
    Amy Curtis

    "Log must be checked on the email template for abandoned carts. The system checks the customer logs (emails) to determine how many have been sent."

    Where do we select for the log to be checked or is it a default setting?