How To: Custom NoIndex Meta Robots Tag Settings per Page


Each page type will need a custom field created.  For now, this How-to is specific to Product Pages, although the same method can be repeated for other page types.
Read about Custom Fields here.

Create Custom HeadTags Merge Code for Product Pages
Create a Product Custom Field
Add Code to Each Product Page 

Create Custom HeadTags Merge Code for Product Pages

In Custom Merges, create a new merge code.
Shared Content Name: ProductHeadTags
Hide: unchecked

HTML Editor:
Do not start in WYSWIG mode: Checked

In the HTML editor,
1.  Add all of your pre-existing meta tags, along with other head tags you are using specifically for product pages, if any. (opengraph, canonical, etc...)
2.  Add ##IF[AllowRobotsMeta=No]##<meta name="robots" content="noindex">##ELSE##  ##ENDIF##

Create a Product Custom Field using the following:

Name:  AllowRobots
Label:  Allow Robots?
Input Type: Dropdown List
Value Type: String
Field Width: 0
Sort Order: 0
Show on Stores:
Private:  unchecked
Required: unchecked
Searchable:  Checked
Read Only:  Admin Writable

List Items:

Name:  Yes
Is Default: True
Value:   ##SET[AllowRobotsMeta=Yes]##
Sort Order: 10

Name:  No
Is Default: False
Value:   ##SET[AllowRobotsMeta=No]##
Sort Order: 20


Add Code to Each Product Page

If using the V1 Theme Editor -
Since the V1 Editor does not have the ability to edit global product head tags via the Catalog Pages>Product Details theme editor, you will need to add the following code to each product page's 'Head Tags (meta)' box:



*If I have time later, I will try adding screenshots.

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