Show Quantity On Hand on Product Page




To show Quantity on hand on the storefront:

  1. Enter the quantity on hand through the product editor or import tools
  2. Enable Show Quantity for the product status associated with the products
  3. Enable the display of Quantity on hand


Step 1: Enter Quantity on Hand

This is can be done in Catalog > Products > Edit Product > Inventory or through importing the data using the import tool in Tools > Data Import > Product. 


Step 2: Enable Show Quantity on Product Status

Navigate to Settings > Catalog > Product Statuses 

  • Once there, edit the product status to show quantities.
  • Check Show Quantity on the Edit Product Status screen, then
  • click save:



Note: If you have a product status that should not display the quantity on hand, leave the show quantity box unchecked.


Step 3: Enable Show Quantity in Stock on Product Page

Browse to Themes > Active Theme > Pages > Product Details > Advanced Settings and enable 'Show Quantity in Stock':



The quantity in stock should now be displayed on the product details page.

Note: If you are using custom page design for the product details page you would need to add the merge code $$STOCKQUANTITY$$ to the page to display the On Hand Quantity.


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