How Can I Add A Terms & Conditions Checkbox On The Checkout Page?


To have a Terms & Conditions checkbox required on checkout, you need to familiarize yourself with Custom Fields.

  1. Create a Content Page to hold your Terms & Conditions that must be agreed to and place the text on it. To create a new content page, you will navigate to Content > Pages

  2. Click the "New" button to create a new page.

  3. You will need to title your page and add the appropriate content.

  1. Create a new Customer Custom Field by navigating to Tools > Power Features > Custom Field Setup. Use these settings:
    • Label: Please agree to our <a href="INSERT YOUR CONTENT PAGE URL">Terms & Conditions</a>
    • Input type: Single CheckBox
    • Value Type: Boolean
    • Private: False
    • Required: True
    • Show on One Page Checkout: True (Mandatory if Required is True)

  2. The rest of the settings can be filled out to your liking as needed by your requirements.
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