Creating a New Store


Store Setup Wizard

Spark Pay online stores feature a quick Store Setup Wizard. It will you through configuring your new store's required settings. It is required to complete this simple wizard before proceeding any further in creating your new store.

The Setup Wizard walks you through:

  • Naming your store and entering your physical address information
  • Choosing a Design Theme
  • Configuring your state's Sales Tax Rate
  • Choosing Shipping Providers
  • Enabling a Payment Gateway
  • Customize Your Theme

After running the wizard, you can begin to

Customize your store's theme

Use the Theme Designer to alter your page header, home page, colors, fonts, buttons and more. 

Create Content Pages

Under the Store menu you will find the Content Page Editor, which you can use to build pages such as Contact, Privacy Policy, About Us, etc.

Add Content Pages To The Menu

Under the Store menu, use the Navigation Editor to build the horizontal (top), left, and right navigation for your site based on links you copy and paste from the Content Page Editor.

Add Products To The Catalog

Use the Catalog section to add Categories, Manufacturers (brands) and Products to your store, or import an existing catalog.

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  • Avatar
    Robert Langan

    This article says nothing about the charges for running multiple stores. I cannot manage my costs before choosing this option if all compnents are not displayed here

  • Avatar
    Austin Smith

    Hello Robert,

    Thanks for the comment.

    This article is not necessarily about multistores; it just describes the new store setup in general.

    Our account management team can give you any information you need on pricing. You can get in touch with an account manager by calling 1800-936-9006, option 1. You can also chat online with an account manager here:

    SPOS Support