Creating New Customers Accounts


There are two ways you can add Customer Records

  1. Via the Admin Console - useful for adding a few records at a time
  2. Via the Data Import Tool - useful for importing a large number of customer records.

Adding a New Customer via the Admin Console

To add a new customer browse to Customers > New

On the form that follows you can enter the information and save this new customer entry.


Given below is a brief description of the options when adding a new customer via this form: 

  • Customer #: system generated value (you cannot modify this)
  • Registered Date: The date on which you create this customer entry
  • First Name (* mandatory): First name of the customer
  • Last Name (* mandatory): Last name of the customer
  • Company: If you know the company name you can enter it here
  • Phone #: The primary phone number of the customer
  • Alt. Phone #: Alternate phone number if available
  • Username: the login id for the customer. This is optional and if you do not specify a username the email address becomes the username.
  • Email Address (* mandatory): enter a valid email address
  • Mailing List: Enable this to add the customer to your mailing list
  • Customer Type: If you have multiple customer types you can select a customer type. If you don't use customer types, you can leave this at the default value 'none'.
  • Reset Password: Use the link provided to create a new password for this customer.
    Note: This link will work only after the customer record has been saved.

Customer Comments: If you wish to enter any comments for this account, use the comments box at the bottom of the page. This field is not visible to customers. It is an internal admin side field and is visible only when logged into your admin account.

Click on the Save button to save your changes.

Adding Customers via Data Import Tools

There are two steps to importing customer data:

  1.  Prepare the Customer Import in .csv format
  2.  Upload/Import the Customer Import spreadsheet

Step 1: Prepare the Customer import in .csv format

Browse to Tools > Data Export > Customer Export

Export the Customer Data


The following columns must be populated to successfully upload CSV files for Customer Import:

    • StoreName: Enter at least one store name to which this customer account belongs
    • Email: A valid email address is required. The customer data and order data are linked using the email address. If the email address for a customer is blank/invalid, you will not be able to associate order and customer data.
    • FirstName: The first name of the customer is required

It is helpful to enter as much information as you can in the other columns.

Step 2: Upload/Import the Customer Import spreadsheet

  1. Browse to Tools > Data Import > Customer Import and click on the Next button. Drag and drop the file from you system to the web site.

    2 . Click Next at the top to continue:

If you have used the sample data file, the two columns should match perfectly. If you have used your own headers, you can map the fields by selecting the fields from the drop down that your fields should map to.

Note: When importing data using CSV files you do not need to use all the headers. When a file is created with missing columns there is simply a no-match scenario on this screen.

Click on the Next button at the top to continue.

On this screen you must click on the Click to Validate Data link:


Note: Do not click on the link 'Click to Upload Data (finish)' without validating the data in your file. This can lead to errors in database entries. The Click to Validate Data link is provided so that common mistakes can be caught and data checked before the import takes place.


After you click on Validate you will see the following message:


The message must show green. If there is even a single reported error please read it carefully and if necessary modify the CSV file and upload it again.

Do not go past this step unless you get the message as is highlighted in the above image.

When you get the all clear click on Import

Depending on the volume of data you are uploading there will be a slight delay as the data is added/updated on your store.

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