Configuring Constant Contact Mailing Lists


Things you will need

  • Constant Contact Account
  • Login Information
    1. Set Up the Constant Contact Mailing List
      1. Go to Marketing > Mailing Lists
      2. Click the "New" button in the top right tool bar (or you can click edit to select an existing list)
      3. Select "Constact Contact" for the List Type
      4. Choose your options (Default, Auto Opti-in, Hidden, Etc)
      5. Enter your Constant Contact Username and Password
      6. Click Save.
      7. Once you click save, your Constant Constant contact mailing lists will be available for selection in the "List:" dropdown.

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    Gabe Gibler

    Needs to be updated to reflect that the CC lists will be auto-populated once you enter your account info and save. (No need to look up the list ID, though you can do this - and have to do this, at this point - by registering for API access.)