Defining Warehouses



What are Warehouses?

Warehouses are an integral part of the Spark Pay online stores system. It is mandatory that there is a default warehouse. This is used to determine the origin address of your packages.

If you ship from multiple zip codes or from distributors, you can define these origins as Warehouses.


Defining a Warehouse

To define a Warehouse, navigate to Settings > Shipping > Warehouses:

Click New to create a new warehouse. Give the warehouse at least a name, postal code, state and country, and click save (all other fields are optional, depending on your requirements):

Whenever a product is first created, it will automatically use whichever warehouse is checked as Default. To override this functionality and specify a different warehouse for a product, Edit the product in Catalog > Products > Edit Product. Here you can chose the Warehouse from the drop-down menu: 

This can also be set through the Data Import tool as well.


Warehouse / Dropshipping Email Notifications

Emails can be sent out to a Warehouse / Dropshipper automatically when an order is placed and payed for. 

To set this up, first, navigate to Settings > Shipping > Warehouses, and edit a Warehouse.

Scroll down the page until you see the “Email Notifications” section.

Under New Order Notification and Payment Received Notification the notification should be set to Payment Received (Drop Shipper).

This triggers the Payment Received (Drop Shipper). It sends to your designated warehouse every time an order has been created or payment is received for an order. This email is the system default email that includes the pre-defined merge codes you will need.   

If you wish to use another email to send to your warehouse or simply modify the default Payment Received (Drop Shipper) email, you can make those changes in the Email Template List.

To navigate to Email Templates section, go to Marketing > Email Templates.

From this section you can choose to edit your existing Payment Received (Drop Shipper) email or create a new email template to send to your customers. If you create a new template, please be sure you have your warehouse set to the correct email notification template covered at the beginning of this article.


Warehouse Settings

Settings > Shipping > Warehouses > Edit Warehouse: 


  • Set as Default: Sets this drop shipper or warehouse to be the default.  If any others are set to default, they will not be after this one is saved. Products that have warehouse set to "Default" will use this warehouse.
  • Email Address: he email address for the drop shipper or warehouse.  This must be set in order for the drop shipper to receive email alerts when a new order is placed or when payment is received on an order.
  • Status URL: The URL for the status of the drop shipper or warehouse.
  • New Order Notification: The email template that will be mailed to the drop shipper or warehouse when a new order is placed.  To turn this feature off, select "[NONE]" from the drop down list.
  • Payment Received Notification: The email template that will be sent when payment for an order is received.  This feature can be disabled by selecting "[NONE]" from the drop down box.
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