Product Specific Shipping Settings


Spark Pay allows you to change settings globally or at the product level.  A global change could consist of changing your default shipping method. This is because this will affect how all of your products are shipped.  However, product-specific settings let you configure settings for each product. This can be done through the product editor or the product import.  Product-specific shipping settings include the following:

  • Package Weight
  • Package Size
  • Ships Individually
  • Call for Shipping
  • Call for Shipping Whole Order
  • This Item Is Not Shipped
  • Break Out Shipping
  • Drop Shipping
  • Limited to Shipping Region
  • Shipping Classification Code
  • Handling Fee
  • Rate Adjustments

 If you are on this page, then the information below will make more sense.

Package Weight

The total weight of this product including any packaging. The shipping engine uses the weight to obtain a quote from the shipping providers.

Package Size

The length, width and height of this product including packaging.

Ships Individually

Select this to calculate shipping as a separate package. It will cause the shipping engine to include this product as a separate package. This will make the shipping fee higher. However, this rate will be more accurate since it must have its own box.

Call for Shipping

Shipping will not be quoted for this item and a notice to call for shipping will be indicated in the cart and on the order. Other items not marked as Call for Shipping will still be quoted shipping charges.

Call for Shipping Whole Order

Shipping will not be quoted for this item or any other item in the cart or order. A notice to call for shipping will be indicated in the cart and on the order.

This Item Is Not Shipped (Ships Individually)

No shipping will be quoted for this item. This is similar to "Call for Shipping" but without the notice.

Break Out Shipping

This allows multiple shipping rate selections by the customer. This is used for different groups of items by separating all items in the cart. The items group by Shipping Classification Code. There will be a different shipping selection for each classification code at checkout. A classification code must be entered when selecting this option. See screen shot under Shipping Classification Code.

When used in conjunction with the Rate Adjustments, a different set of shipping options can be show for different groups of products.

Shipping Classification Code

Enter a classification code to have items group together for the shipping calculation. This is required when selecting Break Out Shipping. It can also be used without that option to help calculate more accurate shipping quotes.

Limited to Shipping Region

This allows a product to be limited to a region based on shipping address. If a customer chooses a product that does not allow shipping, a message displays. The message notifies the customer as soon as their address information is received. This notice may appear in the cart or on order pages.

Rate Adjustments

You can use rate adjustments to adjust the shipping amount or limit the shipping methods available for a product. Note that only the shipping methods available for all items selected by a customer will show up. This is done per classification code when Break Out Shipping is selected for an item.

Handling Fee

You can use handling fee to add an extra handling charge to the item at checkout.

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