Setting up UPS Negotiated Rates




This article assumes that you already have a UPS account that receives negotiated rates. If you do not have a UPS account and/or negotiated rates, you will need to set that up first. Visit for more information.

We willl first setup UPS Live Shipping Rates, then get an Access License Number from, and last copy and paste the Access License Number into the UPS settings on Spark Pay

When this feature is not properly configured (i.e. with invalid account information) it will cause the system to not return shipping rates. This feature also requires the full shipping address to return shipping rates.


Step 1: Setup UPS Live Shipping Rates

If you haven't already, Set up UPS Live Shipping Rates within your Spark Pay online stores dashboard. (See KB here)


Step 2: Get Access License Number from

1.)  Sign into your account.

2.)  Go to Support -> Technology Support:

3.)  In the left hand menu click Technology Support -> Developer Resource Center -> UPS Developer Kit

or Click Here to Open The UPS Developer Kit Site

4.)  Under "How to Get Started" click "Request an access key"

5.)  On the next page under "Additional Registeration Information", select your UPS Account that you wish to be tied to Negotiated Rates within Spark Pay online stores and click "Request Access Key"

6.)  Copy the Access Key.


Step3: Enter Access License Number into Spark Pay

1.)  Log into your Spark Pay online stores dashboard and go to Settings > Shipping > General

2.)  Under UPS Options select "Daily Pickup" under "Pickup Type" and under "Customer Classification" select "Wholesale"

3.)  In the filed labeled "Account Number for Negotiated Rates" enter your account number that you selected in step 6 above.

4.)  In the field labeled "Access License Number for Negotiated Rates" enter the Access Key that you copied in Step 7 above.

5.)  Go to the top of the page and hit Save

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