Creating multiple shipments from a single order



No matter what you are selling, you will at some point need to divide an order into multiple shipments. This allows for items from the same order to ship separately. To begin the process of dividing your shipments, you will need to select the order that you want to split up.


Creating Multiple Shipments

First, navigate to Orders > Orders, and edit an order: 

Once in the Order Edit screen, scroll down to the Shipments Section and click: Add Shipment

On the Add Shipment page, after you are finished adding the other shipment information, scroll down to the section titled “Items”. Here is where you will specify which items will ship together:

This table display all the items on the order and their quantities ordered. The Qty. On Other Shipments column shows the quantity of the items on another shipment. Enter the quantities you want to add to the new shipment, then click Save

You can repeat these steps for however many items you need to break into separate shipments.

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