Sending Partial Shipping Notifications


How To Set Up Partial Shipping Notifications

Partial Shipping is a feature that allows you to send customer's notification when an order ships in parts. To send these notifications

Browse to Orders > Orders >

Click the arrow to Edit the order.

Scroll To 'Shipping History' section

Click the 'New Button'

Under Shipments Click "Add Shipment"

Enter the relevant information and Click Save:

To notify customers, you can create partial shipping email templates. Merge codes for the partial shipping information are:





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  • Avatar
    Dolores Miglis

    An answer to this would be very helpful.

    Need to separate packing slips for different warehouses and have the ability to send customer shipping status from different warehouses.

    Warehouses  also need packing slips for only the merchandise they are shipping not the whole order.

  • Avatar
    Joel Nuss

    What I can't figure out is what STATUS we are supposed to use to tell us that an incomplete order exists, and a way to track the back-ordered items that must be shipped when available.