Generating a Printable Invoice or Packing Slip


The main difference between Packing Slips and Invoices is that Packing Slips do not contain pricing or payment information. However the process to generate them is the same.

  • Navigate to Orders> Orders.
  • Search to find the order you need to edit.
  • For Individual Orders: Click the Edit Order button to the left of the order.
  • For Multiple Orders: Select the order by clicking the checkbox next to that order.
  • Located in the upper right corner is the More Actions menu. From this menu, select the Print Invoice or Print Packing Slip option depending on whichever is appropriate.

  • A Print Page dialog will open. Follow this dialog to finish printing the page.

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    Paul Ackley

    Why doesn't SparkPay allow customers to print orders from there account center. The invoice we create from the admin panel need to be available to customers for expense accounts and reimbursement from schools and churches and so on. We are always getting requests for it

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    Austin Smith


    Thanks for the comment.

    There's nothing preventing customers from printing the order view page, which they can view by logging into the customer my account page an navigating to Detailed Order History, then clicking on an Order ID. Once on the order view page, the customer can use their browsers print functionality to print the page.

    To make it easier for the customer, you could add a simple HTML/Javascript print link ( in Themes > Edit Theme > Order View > HTML Editor.

    SPOS Support

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    Chris Worst

    Customer side invoice printing seems like a novel feature that doesn't deserve a workaround. So tired of the workarounds rather than feature additions. Last feature SparkPay added was August of 2016, they obviously are milking this cow and moving on.

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    Austin Smith


    Thanks for the comment and feedback.

    Customer's can print a copy of their order invoice from their detailed order history on their account page. No workaround is needed -- It works right out of the box. If you would like detailed instruction on how to do this, I'll be happy to walk you through it in a support ticket.