Enabling Return Merchandise Authorizations


Setting up RMAs:

  1. Enable RMAs
  2. Setup the view order page (order summary)
  3. Create the RMA Order Statuses

Using RMAs:

  1. Submitting an RMA from the Admin Order Edit Screen
  2. Submitting an RMA from the Customer My Account Page

Step 1: Enable RMAs

To enable RMAs, go to Settings > Orders > General, and check Enable RMAs.

Step 2: Setup the view order page (order summary)

Navigate to Themes > Edit Theme > Order View > HTML Editor and replace the $$ITEMNUMBER$$ merge code with $$RMACHECKBOX$$ $$ITEMNUMBER$$  $$RMANUMBER$. You'll need to do this in two locations:

Next, you'll need to copy and paste the following code to just below the </table> that corresponds to the <table class="ViewOrderTable table"> tag

        <table class="RMATable" width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0">
          <tr class="RMAButton">
            <td class="RMALinkButton" align="left">

Step 3: Create the RMA Order Statuses

Whenever an RMA is sumbitted, the order status will automatically be changed. We'll need to create the statuses to be used. To do so, navigate to Settings > Orders > Order Statuses. Click "New" to create a new status. Name the first one "Full RMA" and check the Fully Returned flag. You'll also need one for for Partial RMAs, so click new again, name the status "Partial RMA" and check the Partially Returned flag:

If only some of the items on the order were selected for the RMA, the order will be placed into the status that has the Partially Return Flag checked. If all the items on the order are selected for the RMA, the order status will be changed to the status that has Fully Returned flag checked. If you would like to have an email automatically sent out when an RMA is submitted, be sure to set an email template on the order statuses.

Check out the article here: Creating Email Templates

As well as What Merge Codes Are Available?

Submitting an RMA from the Admin Order Edit Screen

Navigate to Orders > Orders and edit the order for which you would like to submit an RMA. Scroll to the item(s) in the order items sections and check the box in the left hand corner of the product image.  Then click the ‘Request RMA’ link  in order to generate the RMA Number. The order item(s) will update with the RMA text box populated:

The order status will then auto set itself to the correct order status either Partial, or Full. Click save.

Submitting an RMA from the Customer My Account Page

Customers can submit an RMA by logging into the Customer My Account page (/store/myaccount.aspx), then navigating to Detailed Order History (/store/orderhistory.aspx). This page lists all the orders placed by the customer:

Clicking on the order number will bring the customer to the Order View page where an RMA can be submitted:

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    Noel Sufrin

    OK, so I scroll on over to where this article tells me to begin...
    "1. Go to the theme(s) that you are using and click on Checkout Pages on the left side navigation screen to expand the selection then click Order View which expands to show you more options."

    Problem #1, that's not an option. In my Theme, the left column has no "Checkout Pages" to expand. I did find "Order View", but the instructions still didn't match what was suggested. I am a web developer, yet I could not follow along with the vague instructions.

    Problem #2, The bit about what to paste and where is almost ridiculous in it's vagueness:

     "Choose HTML Editor and scroll down until you see <tr class="ViewOrderItem">. In the next row make the following change, adding a few RMA merge codes:



    Seriously, you couldn't take a moment to embed a screenshot of the code? Does the next row mean the next line of HTML, or the next row tag. Does it go in the list of merge codes, or within HTML tags? Who knows?! You sure can't tell from the instructions... *smh

    Problem #3: You say to embed the HTML for the RMA checkbox into the whitespace below the end table tag, yet there is none in my template. I assume it would still go right below the end table tag, yet with specific instructions for editing HTML templates, I shouldn't need to assume.

    Americommerce / SparkPay... Please add some clarity to this page, and above all else INCLUDE SCREENSHOTS OF CODE EDITS. It's not StackOverflow, I know, but it sure could be a lot better than it currently is.

    Thanks, and end rant.

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    Austin Smith


    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have rewritten this article. It should be much more clear now!

    Spark Pay Online Store Support

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    Marvin Hankins

    It works - Thanks Austin.