Variable Subscription Setup


Variable Subscription Types

Variable subscriptions give you and your customers more power over subscriptions. It allows the admin to set variables for the amount of time a subscription needs before it renews. This gives customers the ability to choose how often they'd like their subscription to renew. The time frames are set by the admin.

So what does this feature do?

  • It allows the Site admin to enable and pre-define variable subscription frequencies.
  • Works in combination with the original product specific subscription frequency type as well.
  • Customers can set how often they would like to renew the subscription.  This is done by using the dropdown next to each item in the product group display.
  • Dropdown will include both the new variable subscription frequencies and the product specific subscription frequencies if defined on the product.
  • Subscription information is now displayed next to each cart item if available. Requires the new merge code $$ITEMSUBSCRIPTIONINFO$$


To enable, login to your admin console and go to Settings > Orders > Subscriptions. Here you will want to check the box labeled "Enable Variable Subscription Types." This will allow this feature to be used. Under the check box, you will see two dropdowns. One is set to a numerical value, and the other is the amount of time you want attached to the numerical value. So if you set the number to 7, and the other box to days, it will give the customer an option to automatically renew the subscription every 7 days. After you have it set to the amount of time you want a subscription to automatically renew, hit the plus button. That will add it to the list underneath the dropdown boxes.


Now edit the product that you'd like to have the variable subscriptions set up for. In your admin console, edit the product that you'd like to have the variable subscription options set up for. Now choose General on the products options, and scroll down to the Subscription Settings. First you'll want to ensure the Subscriptions box is checked on. You'll now see a list of Defined Variable Subscription Types that you set up in the last step. You can check the boxes for the Variable Subscription Types you want to show for the product. 

Now that the product is setup for the variable subscriptions, the $$SUBSCRIPTIONFREQUENCY$$.   merge code needs to be added into the product details page html. After adding the merge code, you'll now have a drop down box show up on any products page that you have Variable Subscription Types enabled.



 Now that you have it all set up, the customer has the opportunity to choose form the drop down box how often they'd like their subscription to renew.

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