What are CVV Codes and Why are They not Stored?



What are CVVs?

The card verification value code (CVV) is an authentication procedure established by credit card companies to reduce internet transaction fraud. The code is either 3 or 4 digits long and acts as an added layer of security for “card not present” transactions. Essentially, it provides a check of the information embossed on the card.


Storing CVV Information

This information is not permanently stored because that action is prohibited by law. The Visa USA Inc. Operating Regulations explicitly prohibits merchants and/or their agents from storing the CVV-2 data. The merchant may require this code to complete any transaction, whether it be online, over the phone, or in person. Some merchants chose to process payment on purchase of the item, while others wait until the order has been shipped.


Controlling Your Security

Spark Pay online stores grant you a wide range of administrative options.  Card numbers are not available unless you select the "View Credit Card Numbers" option under user settings through the User Accounts menu. Access to this information must be granted on an individual basis.  For further reference on setting up and editing user or group accounts, see the related article on role-based security.

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