Refunding Payments


To issue a full refund:

To issue a refund through Spark Pay online stores please open the order by browsing to Orders > Orders.


Next, select the order that you want to refund and click on the edit icon for that order.

Once inside the order edit screen, scroll down until you see the ‘Payments’ section and hit the refund link located directly under the trashcan icon. Clicking this link will initiate the refund process with your payment processor.

Click the wheel and select "Refund" under Actions.


To issue a partial refund:

A partial refund is essentially the same process. Edit the Order and go to the payment.

Change the amount in the "Amount" Box to the partial refund Amount.

Then, choose the refund option from the dropdown.




  1. A transaction cannot always be voided through Spark Pay online stores . This is dependent on your payment gateway. Example, will allow a refund only on a settled transaction and not a pending transaction. If you need to void a pending transaction, you may need to login to your payment gateway and process it directly.


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