Setting up a Payment Gateway



This article is a generic guide to setting up a Payment Gateway in Spark Pay Online Stores. We'll assume you already have an account with a supported gateway and are ready to connect it to your Online Store.

Spark Pay's In-Person credit card processing service can be integrated into your online store and function as a payment gateway. For more information on this, see:

Spark Pay Online Stores are also integrated with over forty third-party payment gateways like Authorize.Net, Stripe, and PayPal Payments Pro. For a full list of supported third-party gateways, see: Supported Payment Gateways / Payment Methods and their specific setup information.


Step 1: Obtain Payment Gateway Credentials

To see which credentials are required for your payment gateway, see Supported Payment Gateways and their specific setup information. Your Payment Gateway can help you obtain these credentials (in most cases, they have their own support articles for how to do so). For example, Authorize.Net has this article on generating API Transaction Keys: API Login ID and Transaction Key.


Step 2: Create Payment Gateway in Spark Pay

To create a payment gateway in Spark Pay, navigate to Settings > Payments and Taxes > Payment Gateways, then click New



 On the Add Payment Gateway screen:

  • Select your payment gateway from the drop-down
  • Click Save:



Step 3: Input Payment Gateway Credentials Into Spark Pay

On the Edit Payment Gateway Screen: 

  • Select store from drop-down
  • Input Credentials
  • Save:



In some cases, a gateway will require a config string or an alternate URL. These can be entered at the bottom of the Edit Gateway Screen



Step 4: Test Payment Gateway

To test the payment gateway, click the Test button on the Edit Payment Gateway Screen: 



Click test again on the next screen to test. The following screenshot shows an example of a failed test: 



The following screenshot shows an example of a successful test:



Troubleshooting & Gateway Settings


Troubleshooting Payment Gateways

Gateway Settings:

  • Authorize Only: when Authorize Only is enabled, the funds will automatically be authorized and a hold for the order amount will be placed on the customer's credit card account. The funds will not be captured from the customer until a user manually processes the charge on the Order Edit screen. 
  • Manual Payment Processing: When this is enabled, no payment will be authorized or captured at the time of checkout, but the credit card information will be securely stored so that a user can manually process the charge from the Order Edit screen. 
  • Exclude From Payment Orders: Excludes the gateway from being used on order payment orders made from the customer order statements page. 
  • Accept eChecks: Accept or not accept eChecks
  • Do Not Require Drive License for eChecks: require or do not require customer's DL number for eChecks. 


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