Setting Up PayFlow Pro


Setting up the payment gateway Paypal PayFlow Pro in Spark Pay online stores is pretty straight forward.

  1. Navigate to the Payment Settings page by going to Settings > Payments & Taxes > General.
  2. Now specify which credit cards you would like to process through this payment method.

  3. Now Go one Menu item down, to Settings > Payments & Taxes > Payment Gateways and add PayPal PayFlow Pro as a gateway.

  4. Finally you will need to configure the payment method’s specific settings (i.e. Login ID, Password, Applied Store, etc…). There is one somewhat hidden element to watch for when setting up PayFlow Pro, the Partner ID. You will need to assign it by using the Config String input box. In all caps type “PARTNER=” without the quotes and then your actual partner ID.

    Note: By default, the partner ID is "PayPal" (case sensitive, no quotes) so in the Config String, you'd put PARTNER=PayPal .

Partner: XYZ (if not the default =PayPal)
Merchant Login: LOGINNAME
User: (Same as Merchant Login if not changed)
Password: PASS1234

You should now be ready to start taking payments.

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    Victoria Sylvestre

    The PayFlow Pro system works hand in hand with your current processor that all ready should take credit cards, and adds the convenience of taking PayPal payments. At least that is how it is for my rather standard account. It does not add CC's. Will this method described above add the PayPal functionality to the shopping cart?

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    Jeremy Franks

    The PayFlow Pro option acts as a credit card gateway and does not add the basic PayPal functionality to your site.   If you want to give your customers the option to pay with PayPal then you can add the PayPal Express or PayPal Standard option to your site along with the Pro option.   

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    Joe Catalano

    One point that isnt clear on this is regarding the User name note where your article says "Same as Merchant Login if not changed" .... what if it is changed?  How do you feed over the merchant login and the user name (if they are different).

  • Avatar
    Justin McCullough

    Hi Joe:

    Q: How do you feed over the merchant login and the user name (if they are different).

    A: You should use your new login info instead.  There isnt a different process "if its changed".  Sorry for the confusion.

  • Avatar
    Joe Catalano

    If I use the Merchant ID in the Login field, then where would I put the User ID 


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    Justin McCullough

    Hi Joe. Are you saying that you have tested it with your user ID and can not get it to work?  If so, lets get you some more dedicated help through the support channel with a support ticket or a phone call at 1800-936-9006 ext 2.

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    Joe Catalano

    I was able to to set it up by just using the mercant id.  My user name happens to be the same as my merchant id - but had I needed to use a different user (which I had intended for a multistore setup) - it wasnt exactly clear how to feed the user name to it if its possible - unless the gateway just wants a merchant ID and not a user ID.

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    Scott Dahlstrom

    This method worked for me:

    Edit the config string to: USER=YourUserId&PARTNER=PayPal

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    Support Agent

    I believe you can leave off the &PARTNER=PayPal, this likely overrides a piece of our tracking with Paypal.

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    It appears that Spark Pay's PayPal PayFlow Pro integration is outdated (and has been for years). PayPal merchant reps have told me that they no longer integrate with systems that only request Login ID and Password.

    PayPal Payments Pro has the appropriate credential fields and accepts payments, however it does not utilize the PayPal Manager fraud filters in any way.

    Please update the PayFlow Pro integration to work properly with PayPal's current system.