Payment Methods Overview


Spark Pay online stores can accept payments in many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Credit Cards with automatic processing
  • Credit Cards with manual processing
  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • Checks, Money Orders
  • Purchase Order
  • Store Credit

Automatic Credit Card Processing

Spark Pay online stores integrate with Payment Gateways such as Authorize.Net to provide real-time authorization and charging of credit cards. This is the preferred method of accepting payments online.

To enable a Payment Gateway, click Global Settings > Payment Methods/Gateways > Payment Gateways, select your Payment Gateway.  Supply your Payment Gateway's login information, set the store the gateway is to apply to or select All then click the Save button in the upper right hand corner at the top.

For more information on enabling Payment Gateways, view the Payment Gateways topic.


Manual Credit Card Processing

If you do not plan to use automatic credit card processing, simply do not enable a Payment Gateway, and you will be able to view and print the order's credit card information from the View Order page, which you can then enter into your merchant terminal for approval, then you can manually set the order status using the View Order or Order List page.

To enable displaying credit card information for a User Account, click Global Settings > User Security > User Accounts. Click the edit icon for user you wish to edit. Set the User Group to Customer Service or higher, then select Yes for View Credit Card Numbers.


PayPal Business Account

To enable PayPal payments, you will first need a PayPal seller's account. Visit PayPal to create a seller account.

Next, click Global Settings > Payment Methods/Gateways > Payment Gatewaysand select PayPal From the Payment Option drop down list, and then click the yellow plus "+" sign. This will display the PayPal settings box.

From here, specify your Seller's Email Address and click Save PayPal Settings and you are done.

For more information on PayPal please review: What payment options does PayPal provide? PayPal Explained

Custom Payment Methods for Checks, Money Orders, Purchase Orders, Store Credit, etc

To define a payment method other than credit cards or PayPal, you will need to define a Custom Payment Type.

To define a Custom Payment Type, click Settings > Payment Methods/Gateways > Custom Payment Types. This editor lets you build an unlimited number of Payment Types that accept text and date fields.


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