Enabling Third Party Permissions for PayPal Express Checkout


PayPal is a fast and safe way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. It is used with Spark Pay online storevia API.

To get started using Paypal Express Checkout , you will need to grant certain permissions to your Spark Pay online storeinstall in order to access the full range of features for PayPal Express Checkout to perform actions such as Refunding or Voiding PayPal Express Checkout transactions.


It's easy to set up as long as you have a PayPal account.


1. Log  in  to  your  PayPal  account.   https://www.paypal.com 

2. Click  Profile.  


3. Click  Profile and Settings



Select My  Selling  Tools.  


4. Expand  Selling  Online  if  not  already.  


5. Next  to  API  Access,  click  Update.  


6. Under  Option  1,  click  Grant  API  permission.  


7. In  the  Third  Party  Username  field,  copy  and  paste  the  following:    



(If  you  already  have  other  third  parties  added,  then  click  Add  New  Third  Party.)  


8. Click  Lookup.  


9. Checkmark  the  following  permissions:  


-  Use  Express  Checkout  to  process  payments.

-  Issue  a  refund  for  any prior transaction.

-  Authorize  and  capture  your  PayPal  transactions.

-  Obtain  information  about  a  single  transaction.


10. Click  Add.  


11. Sign  out  of  PayPal.  


Once  you  have  granted  API  permissions  by  completing  the  configuration  above,  you  can  begin  processing  transactions.  


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  • Avatar
    Jeff Marsh

    Thank you for the follow-up. OK, I executed the steps outlined above. Your instructions were exactly perfect for the screens I was presented. That's all set now - so, we should the functionality we're expecting now? Will this make the order status appear as "Approved, Pending Shipping" now for PayPal?




  • Avatar
    Brad Crowell

    Also had the same question, after following your (extremely clear!) directions. Will this now change the status of the order to "Approved, Pending Shipping"?

  • Avatar
    Shawn Byers

    I just checked and it did so for me. May be a recent change to the program as it did not a couple of weeks ago.