Creating Customer Based Pricing for Products


Customer based pricing will allow for customers of specific customer types to see different prices on your store front. This is great for the usual wholesale and retail customer types.

Step 1: Create the Customer Types

  • Browse to Settings > People > Customer Types

  • Select New
  • Enter the Customer Type (for example Wholesale), and click on save. Repeat the process for as many customer types as you want.

Step 2: Modify the Registration Form

  • Browse to Tools > 3 Power Features > Custom Field Setup

    From this screen, you can choose to edit an existing custom field, or click on the button in the top, right corner to create a new one. For this demonstration, we have chosen to create a new custom field.
  • Enter the following details in the empty form:
    • Name: CustomerTypeSelect (or anything you wish, this is for your reference and not shown to customers)
    • Label: Please Choose Customer Type (this is the label shown on the customer registration form)
    • Field Type: Choose between Customers, Orders, Products, Stores
    • Value Type: String
    • Required: Enable checkbox to force users to make this choice when they register
    • Searchable: Adds the field to the search filters on particular admin pages. Does not affect frontend search.

    Click on Save.
    • Next, scroll down to the button labeled "New List Items", click it. Now a table will display with the fields:
      • Default Checkbox sets whether this field is required.
      • Name is the name that is displayed in the drop down list to customers
      • Value is the value that is sent to you when the form is submitted
      • Sort Order is the order in which the list is sorted

      Populate these fields and press save in the top right. You can now add additional list items.

    • Your final table will look like:

      Click on the Save button at the top right corner.

      When you try to sign up as a new customer now you will see this at the bottom of the registration page


Step 3: Making the registration form send you a copy when a new user registers

  • Browse to Marketing > Email Templates Editor
  • From the drop down list select Registration

    Under the section Alert Email Subject there is a checkbox to the right below the label Send. Enable that checkbox. Now every time a user registers an email copy will be send to the store admin. Don't forget to save.


Step 4: Ensuring the price is displayed only after a customer logs in

  • In order to avoid any confusion about customers seeing different prices before and after they log in you should make sure they log in before they can see prices.

    To do this navigate to Settings >Security and click on the General tab.
  • There is an option called Require Login For Pricing; enable the checkbox and click on the Save button.

Step 5: Setting up the product pricing

Open any product in the Product Editor and click on the Pricing tab in the editor. For the next step, click on the New Price button.
Next, an overlay will open up that presents a set of options like displayed below.
Under the section Select Pricing Options enable Store (only required if you are running multiple stores; if you are running only 1 store then do not check this box) and Customer checkboxes. Wait for the page to refresh and click on the PriceMatrix button next to New Row.
  • A row will be added above the button. In this row:

    • Store: Click on the blank entry under Store and select the store (if you are running multiple stores) or leave it at (-All-) to apply this pricing to all your stores.
    • Customer Type: Click on the blank entry and select the customer type from the drop down list.
    • Starting Quantity: leave it at 1.
    • Cost: Enter how much the product costs you, if you know the value, or leave it at 0.
    • Price: Enter the price of this product for this customer type.
    Click on PriceMatrix to add another row and repeat the process for the other customer type(s).
    Click on Save to save settings for this product.

Importing Customer Type Pricing.

  1.  Browse to Tools > Data Export Tools > Product Pricing Export and Get Products for All Categories.
  2. Click on next and click the Export link. You will download a CSV file. Open it in MS Excel or other spreadsheet software.
  3. Select the Browse icon next to Import File and locate your spreadsheet. Select Upload, then click "Load"  next to your file in the file listings.
  4. A mapping page will appear and this is where you can make changes to the default spreadsheet headers based on your needs.
  5. Select  and make sure there are no errors.

    You can now use the product export data to create the product pricing CSV file that you will upload

    Make sure to use the Validate Data link before you upload any data (here or for any other purpose). Validation catches common errors and saves the hassle of having to correct mistakes.

It is recommended that you first try uploading the pricing data for 5-10 products to make sure you have got the import step right.
Once you are done, your store(s) will be ready to show customer specific pricing to all visitors.

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