Using External Images For Products


Significantly reduce your storage usage and fees and reduce your bandwidth usage and fees.
Setup Instructions:
There are two sections to setting up and using external images. Steps to do outside of the Spark Pay online store platform, and steps to do Inside the Spark Pay online stores system.

Outside of Spark Pay online stores - 4 Primary steps


Image Base Name

This is the base name of image file.

Example: test.jpg -  test is the base name

Label Type

You will want to have 3 different versions of 1 image.


1. The Primary (The main image seen on the Product Details Page.

2. The Thumbnail

3. The Zoomed (or Popup) image. **Optional**


Example Suggestions: 

1. Thumbnail = _thumb   or   _th  (Small Image)

2. Primary = _primary    or    _pr (Medium Image)

3. Zoomed = _zoom     or     _zm (Large Image)


** The underscore is NOT required, just suggested because it helps make things look cleaner.

File Type

This is your standard file type.








**The period (or dot) is required.

Full Examples

1. testimage_primary.jpg

2. testimage_th.png


  •  Determine the three primary sizes you want to use for your images.
  • Suggestions:
  • Thumbnail = 50x50pixels
  • Primary Image = 150x150pixels
  • Zoom = None (just make sure it will fit in your Zoom Popup Window with a 10-15pixel buffer on all sides.

Upload your images to your data storage service.

NOTE: You should have 2-3 versions of each product image. Primary and Thumbnail. Then Zoomed / Full Size if required (the 3rd image).


Go To Settings > Catalog > General


Enter the Base Reference URL for 3 image types.

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    How does the item number or SKU relate to the image file names?

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    Austin Smith

    Hello Rick!

    If you use enable Auto Association, if a product doesn't have any picture, it will use ItemNumber.jpg as the product's picture if the file exists.

    If you're not going to use Auto Association, you would need to do a product import/export in order to associate the image to the product.

    SPOS Support