Enabling Custom Flags (C1, C2, C3) in the Product Editor

Product Flags are a feature that will display extra wording on your product images. You can still mark your items with C1, C2 and C3 flags. To do this, go to Catalog > Products > Edit Product > General.
But the process to change the images are not the same. 
You can also change the text of the flags in the back admin panel.
You will need some basic HTML/CSS knowledge to change this.  The HTML also needs to change in all the sections you want the flags to show.

NOTE: If you want to change all the products flags, you will need to change it on Product Details/Category/Catalog and each product display widget. If you want it to show on only a specific page, then that is the only section of the theme you have to edit in the HTML.
Do this by going to Themes > Edit Theme
Then Navigate over to Pages and then Product Details, and select HTML Editor.
Look for the HTML tag   <ac:visibilityarea id="Featured"> 
Underneath this you will see all the Product Flag text.
Between the <span> tags is where you will change this to what you would like it say.
Click Save.
This will change the way the flag looks in the Product Details page. In order to change it in Categories, repeat the same steps and navigate to Themes > Edit Theme > Pages > Category >HTML Editor.
You can follow the same steps on the Category HTML Editor page to change the text to what you'd like.

Note: Theme modification involves any change to the default values in the HTML or CSS of any theme or widget. Support can direct you to the correct page to make changes or to reset the widget, page HTML or CSS to its default value. This will undo any customization that may be in place. Before you create or modify a theme using HTML and CSS it is suggested to have a backup handy.

While theme modification is outside what support is allowed to assist with, if you need assistance with making modification to the theme, our implementation department is available to make these modification at an hour rate. If the service is ever needed please let us know and we will get that process started for you. Or check out our new Theme Store to find a theme that suits your needs.

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