Uploading A Product Picture Using the Product Editor


To add an image to your product you need to navigate to the Product Editor:

    1. Browse to Catalog > Products
    2. Search for your desired product

Next click on the "Edit Product" button located under the Action Column.


You can navigate to the item on the front end of your store, while logged into the admin in the same browser and click on "Action" then "Edit Items > Product" from the Spark Pay Online Stores Admin bar you'll notice at the top left side of your browser window


You should now be looking at the "Product Editor" page. Click on the menu that says "Photos." 


From here, you can either drag photos from your computer, or click on the "click here"

Also, the "Insert From" menu gives you the options to add from a URL, computer or "This Store"

The "This Store" option will open up the File manager to browse existing files on your Spark Pay online store server.


When the page refreshes you will see the image in the Product Editor. From there you can edit if you wish.

Congratulations! Your product now has its first product image associated with it. 

Note:If you have a large number of products and images you can upload the images with ftp access and use the import tool to import the images paths through a spreadsheet.

Also, the "+" symbol is not supported in the image name. This will result in the image not displaying.

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