Uploading Files & Images (File Explorer & FTP)


You can upload files and images using the File Explorer within your Spark Pay online store console and via a FTP Client.  The File Explorer allows you to upload individual files, but FTP access is required to move entire folders or multiple images at once.  Both methods are described below: NOTE: Upload file size limit is 3MB.

Uploading a file via the Admin Console:

 There are several ways to upload files within Spark Pay online stores, they are explained below


- The "Click Here" "drag and drop" as well as "Insert From- This computer" all do the same thing... upload a file from your computer in the same fashion you add any file normally.

- Insert From "The Web (URL)" will allow you to insert a photo directly from a URL that already hosts the image.

- Insert From "This Store" brings you the the "File Manager" page which basically acts like s mini FTP client internally where you're able to browse your server files and folders, as well as upload new ones.

 Uploading a file via an FTP Client

Every FTP client (FileZilla, CuteFTP, SmartFTP, FTP Explorer, FireFTP) has its own interface. NOTE: There is no file size limit for FTP Client uploads.

Spark Pay online stores supports secure FTP connections only. It is important to pay attention to the secure ftp settings to ensure FTP works for your site correctly.

If you do not have a username and password for your storefront submit a request to Support by submitting a support ticket using the Help Portal. My Spark Pay online stores  

To connect to your FTP account the server type needs to be SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). 

Example screenshot of FileZilla Site Manager:

In the Server Type of the FTP client please select STFP (SSH File Transport Protocol)

If you are using the QuickConnect feature in your FTP client then instead of typing in ftp.americommerce.com you would need to type in sftp://ftp.americommerce.com for the SFTP protocol to take effect. 

The FTP port for this connection should be 22. Although most FTP software will do this automatically, please use 22 as the FTP port number if you need to enter it manually. 

Modifying your FTP settings via the Site Manager (typically located under the menu File > Site Manager) is simpler as you can save the changes permanently. Highlight the FTP connection and change the Server Type to SFTP.

Connect to your store FTP


Root folder for your store


Browsing to the website root folder (www root)

Double click or enter the folder named My Store (in your case it will be the name of your store) and you will see the folder www

Double click on www to enter the root folder of your store's website.

The /<your store name>/www/ is the root folder for your store's website. The home page file, images folder, favorites icon file, robots.txt (for search engine spiders) are all stored here.

Note: If you run multiple stores or plan on running multiple stores in the future and you would like to share images and files between your sites, please use the Shared Folder for storing your images and files.

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  • Avatar
    James Koenig

    I uploaded a .pdf instruction sheet via ftp.

    How to I place a link to open that instruction on my product page?

  • Avatar
    Brandon Young

    James, I know this is a really late reply, but you link to it just like linking to an image. Depending on where you put it would look something like this:

     <a href="/yourFolder/instruction.pdf" alt="instruction sheet"></a>

    You could also upload an pdf icon so that the user has something nice to click on as well:

    <a hef="/yourFolder/instruction.pdf"alt="instruction sheet">

        <img src="/images/pdfIcon.png" alt="Download instruction sheet">



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