Setting Up A Parent Item Product Group


Spark Pay online stores offer a few different ways to setup a group of products and to create product kits. Both of these have different objectives. To understand the differences between the two, please review the knowledgebase article "Understanding Product Groups & Kits"

This articles illustrates how to Setup a Product Group. A product group requires a parent item to work.. In a GROUP the parent item is only used for informational purposes. You will see all the same fields available for it in the product editor as you would standard product; however, this item cannot be purchased. Things such as its description, image, and name will be used to describe the group as a whole and not the product itself.

This article describes the Product Group setup as 'Parent is for Info Only' option and the styling of the product matrix.

Setup the parent product as a Group

In order to create groups open parent product in the Product Editor and browse to the Grouping menu. Catalog > Products > Edit Product


Group Type:

Under the Group Type you have the following three options:


  • No Product Grouping
    This setting is used if the product is not a Group
  • Sell Items Individually Parent Is Info Only
    When you choose this option the parent product (the one you are editing) is not available for sale but the child items are available.

NOTE: If a product is added as a child product to an info-only parent, the child product will no longer show up on any category pages.

  • Sell Items in Kit with Parent
    This option used when selling items as a kit. 
  • Sell Parent Track Item Inventory Transparently 
    Completely hides the child items from the shopper, tracks inventory on the child items and obtains pricing from the parent. Can also control parent availability based on child availability. 

Select Sell Items Individually Parent Is Info Only 
Then search for the products you wish to add (as child items) and click the product icon to add to group.

The Grouping menu in the Product Editor will change to the following matrix showing the items you have added to the group.

(Note: The Short Description and Item Number of the grouped product will show next to the shirt. If this is blank, the description will also be blank. You will need to add or edit the product to add this to the grouping on the product.)

 Click on the Save button in the top right corner to save your changes.


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