Adding Photos to Products

Adding a photo to a new or existing product (single or multiple) is the same simple process... You can add photos to products at any time, and if you need to do it in bulk, this can be done via a product import. There is no limit to the number of images you can add to a product (other than the size of your hosting plan of course!).

Navigate to the Product Editor, then Click the "Photos" Menu.

From here you have several options...

Click on the new tab, drag and drop or "click here" for adding files from your computer, you can also insert from a URL, or an existing file on your Americommerce Spark Pay Online Stores server via the "Insert From" menu.

Insert From URL will ask you for the full URL of where the image is located.

Insert From "this store" will bring you to Americommerce Spark Pay Online Stores 's "File Manager" page

Once you've added the photos you want, these can be further edited within the Americommerce Spark Pay Online Stores platform if you wish by hovering over the image and clicking the edit icon. For more info on how to use the image editor click HERE



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