Setting Up Price Calculators



Price calculators make it possible to adjust pricing for many (or all) products from one location in the admin (instead of editing each product individually). Below are some example use-cases: 

  • Offering separate prices for retail and wholesale customers
  • Offering separate prices in different stores (multistore or microstore).
  • Adjusting prices based on item number using Regex (advanced)
  • Offering quantity discounts

A common scenario is offering separate prices to wholesale and retail customers (for example giving wholesale 10% off retail prices). This article is a step-by-step guide to setting that up. 


Step 1: Create a New Price Calculator

To create a new price calculator, first navigate to Catalog > Power Features > Price Calculators, then click New



On the Edit Price Calculator Screen:

  • Give the price calculator a name
  • Type ".*" into the Applies to Item Numbers field
  • Click Save:



After saving, the price calculator rules will be available at the bottom of the Edit Price Calculator Screen


TIP: This example uses the regex wildcards ".*" to match all item numbers; however, you can easily specify item numbers by separating them with the pipe ("|") symbol: 


 For more information, see: What is Regex?


Step 2: Add Price Calculator Rule

On the Edit Price Calculator Screen, click New Rule



On the Edit Price Calculator Rule screen:


 Once you click save, the Price Calculator Rule Modifiers will be available at the bottom of the Edit Price Calculator Rule Screen.


Step 3: Add a Price Calculator Rule Modifier

At the bottom of the Edit Price Calculator Rule screen, click New Modifier



On the Edit Price Calculator Rule Modifier screen:


  • Set Modify Price By to "adding negative 10%"
  • Optionally add a flat amount in addition to the percentage
  • Save




What is a rule modifier? The price calculator rule modifier is where the price markup is set. This can be base on a percent or a flat amount. Additionally, negative numbers can be used to create a discount, instead of a markup. 


Creating Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts can be created by adding calculator rules that make use of the Starting Quantity settings. The discount specified in the rule modifier will only be applied when the quantity in the cart is greater than or equal to the starting quantity specified: 



Adding multiple price breaks is as easy as adding multiple rules: 



Price Calculator Settings

Calculator Name: The name of the price calculator. This is not displayed to the customer.

Description: Optional field for adding explanation of what the calculator does.

Applies to item numbers: Takes regex (Regular Expressions). Use ".*" to match all item numbers. Item numbers can be specified by separating them by pipe symbols like so: ITEMA|ITEMB|ITEMC.

Price Calculator Rule: allow you to narrow the filtering down to a certain store, customer type or even a specific quantity, additionally you can choose to mark up your Base Cost or Base Price.


  • Applies to Customer Type: If selected, the prices will only be available to this customer type.
  • Applies to Store: If selected, the prices will only be available on this selected store front. 
  • Starting Quantity: The quantity of the item that must be in the cart for the customer to receive the price. 


Price based on: Chose what the new price will be based off of: Base Cost, Base Price, Specified Base price. If you're unsure what to use, select Base Price. 

Price Calculator Rule Modifier: This is where the adjusted price is specified

  • Modify Price By: The dollar amount to add or subtract. Use negative numbers to subtract. 
  • Sort Order: The order that the calculator rule is applied to the product in relation to other calculator rules. Lower sorts get priority. 



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