Setting up Subscription Products


What is a recurring product?

A recurring product, or a subscription, is an item or group of items that is automatically ordered after a specified amount of time. This can be used to increase the growth of your business. Note, subscriptions only work for orders which were paid for using a credit card.

Automatic vs Manual Renewal

Subscriptions can be created automatically by the system or manually through the administration console. Each has its own set of abilities as well as limitations – this will help you determine which setup is right for you.

Why should I setup recurring products?

Recurring products are a great way to provide growth to your company. Since recurring products are orders that automatically renew after a specified time, you can reliably measure the impact it has on your revenue. It also saves time for the customer, which leads to a happy customer.

What are the benefits of a recurring product?

  • Increases revenue that can be measured on a timed basis.
  • Provides convenient options for you and your customers.
  • Saves time and money for you and the customer.
  • Reduces administrative time
  • Reduces the odds of someone ordering the wrong product
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